Dr. Nina DiPrimio


Nina is the Director of Research and Development at Perlara, PBC with experience managing the cell biology team and multiple disease pipelines internally and with collaborators and CROs. Her work includes designing assays for our therapeutic screening pipeline in mammalian cell systems, writing research proposals, monitoring progress and milestones across research pipelines, and communicating experiment plans and research progress to our collaborators. Additionally, Nina is an experienced molecular and cell biologist with specific expertise in AAV vector development and bacterial genetic engineering. In graduate school she characterized the adeno-associated virus capsid to generate enhanced viral vectors for gene delivery. This involved extensive work in AAV production in mammalian cells, purification using various centrifugation and chromatography techniques and characterization in vitro and in vivo. As a postdoc, Nina worked with a team to engineer biosensors for the detection of unnatural and natural ligands. She isolated and characterized functional biosensors via an in vivo selection system and next generation sequencing.

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