Tai Tai’s 8th birthday: Smiling is his “main symbol”


by Alan and Roni

Tai Tai will be 8 years old on November 11th.

He is a clever boy.  Although he can’t speak well, he understands what you say, he can follow your instructions, and he expresses himself by simple gestures.

He loves eating very much.  Anything he can eat, he will.  So funny to see if you have a meal with him.

Smiling is his main symbol.  When you meet him, even if it’s for the first time, you will find Tai Tai is a happy, optimistic and innocent boy.  He will smile to you all the time.  You will feel comfortable with him.

Tai Tai is a gift to our family given by God.  We are proud of him.  Our hope is Tai Tai will become healthier and happier.

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