“Such a Super Star You Are:” Saijayant’s 12th Birthday!


by Revathy and Natarajan

Such a wonderful child you are,
you don’t ask for anything from us,
and you always give happiness to us…!

Such a great child you are,
You don’t go to school or even online
And you always have taught us lessons of life…!

Such a smiling child you are,
You don’t know to cry and crib
And you keep us smiling at you always…!

Such an innocent child you are,
You don’t have any comparison or expectations
And you are peerless in all sense…!

Such a grown up boy you are,
We find you tall and heavy to lift
And we enjoy to do such simple things…!

Such a super star you are,
You have your own fan following
And you are our world…!

Wishing you a very happy birthday to you
And May every day in this year and life be happy for you and therefore for us too…!

—- Mom and Dad

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