Dr. Jacob Corn

Innovative Genomics Institute, UC Berkeley and UCSF

Jacob Corn is committed to the improvement of human health through the fundamental understanding of disease mechanisms. Over the last fifteen years he has bridged academia and industry, working in therapeutic areas that include infectious disease, neurobiology, and oncology. His graduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley with James Berger redefined our understanding of the geometry of DNA replication and was recognized with several honors, including the Nicholas Cozzarelli and Harold Weintraub awards. Jacob’s work as a Jane Coffin Childs postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington culminated in the world’s first computationally designed de novo protein interaction and a protein-based inhibitor to treat flu.

As a group and project team leader in the department of Early Discovery Biochemistry at Genentech, Jacob focused on developing new technologies that meld biochemistry with computation, and establishing biological proof of concept for challenging therapeutic targets with an emphasis on ubiquitin signaling.

Jacob is the scientific director of the Innovative Genomics Institute at UC Berkeley and UCSF, striving to bring about the end of genetic disease through the development and application of next-generation genome editing technologies. Jacob is also dedicated to building new models for collaboration between academic and commercial organizations, mentoring at the interface of the two areas, and actively promoting entrepreneurship in the biological sciences.

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