Saijayant’s 10th: “Teaching Us What Counts the Most”


by Revathy and Natarajan

You were born…you made us young
– Revealed your ability…gave us medical knowledge
– Kids learn and understand…you made us to learn too and understand you better.
– Kids do hard negotiations with parents…Not only you are soft, even your muscles are.
– When there is a pain, kids cry…you are tough, you don’t cry.

– You give a smile…we get happiness
– You hold an object…we get satisfaction
– You are teaching us to feel proud about small actions
– You are teaching us ‘everyone has a ‘space’ in this world’
– You are teaching us how to play a waiting game

You are a scientist who helps us to discover ourselves…!

Lastly, I know to count numbers, you taught us ‘what counts the most’…!

Wishing a happy birthday to our Saijayant…you are turning ten today…!

——-Your Mom and Dad

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