Numa’s 10th Birthday: Advancing Through Life with Joy & Will


by Fanny and Julien

Numa is 10 years old and lives in Nimes, in southern France.  He’s a very kind, gentle and loving little boy, to the delight of his family.  Numa loves most of all to read books with his dad and to play cars.  He also loves to watch his favorite cartoons on his iPad.  In good weather he likes to go out into nature, to the forest or by the sea, bathing and swimming in lakes, or to just lie down under a tree and watch the leaves that move with the wind.

Numa is very brave and commands the admiration of his family and friends.  Despite a very difficult medical history from birth, he advances through life with joy and will.  He goes every day to the school for children with disabilities where he likes to learn to become more independent.  Currently, he also likes to read and learn algebra.

Numa is the pride of his parents!


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