Nicholas’s 4th: That Amazing Smile


by Vanessa & Scott

To the strongest boy in the world!

To our dear sweet Nicholas, on your 4th birthday,

You are a true inspiration to everyone. Your strength and determination are the reason we can all walk around with hope in our hearts for your future. Everyday you show us that you are a true warrior! To say these past 4 years were a walk in the park would be a lie. However, each day that goes by you continue to progress in ways we never thought possible. We share a special bond with you that is the most special part of being your parent. There are times not a word is spoken yet we are able to communicate through our souls. That has been the greatest feeling in the world. Luckily, you are starting to be able to vocalize a bit more to tell us when you want something. You can say “yes,” “no,” grab what you want, or push away what you don’t.

You leave such an imprint with everyone you meet. You love to blow everyone kisses and wave to them. You love to go to your sister’s basketball games and clap for her the entire game. You are truly her biggest fan! You love to pick up the basketball yourself and play the game in your own way. You move all over the house independently and at times forgetting you are not able to walk on your own. Many times you fall but you never give up! It’s those moments that I wish you could just let go and take a step. But one day we pray you will!

As you turn 4 we are hoping you continue to have light in your eyes, strength in you body, and love in your heart. All we can do everyday is pray for a miracle that seems to become more of a reality. Every night we go to bed we pray that we will wake up from this and it will all be a dream. But instead we wake up to you and that amazing smile. It’s in those moments we know it was all meant to be and it will all be ok. On the day you were born…that was not one of those happy birth stories we love to tell but, it is your story! With each day that passes and with every birthday your story gets bigger and better just like you!

Your are the most amazing brother and son…Happy Birthday to our sweet, amazing, funny, delightful, lovable, strong Nicholas!

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