Nicholas’ 2nd Birthday: He “never stops fighting”


by Vanessa & Scott

Our big boy is turning 2!!!!

To our loving boy who never stops fighting:

“From day one you have been such a fighter.  You go through life with such joy and happiness in your eyes and heart.  You leave an imprint on everyone you meet…even though your journey of only 2 years has felt longer as it has not been the easiest on you.  I hope you always know how loved and how cared for you really are!

You continue to surprise everyone with your passion and desire to do more.  You love The Furchester Hotel and when the songs come on your eyes light up.  You love being with your family and enjoying the simple things in life like going on a walk or splashing in the pool.

Like others when people ask what to get you for your birthday or a holiday it’s never an easy question to answer.  The good thing is we can always say “donate to the Grace Science Foundation and help us make a difference.”  This year our family is pitching in to get you play mats to create a safe play area for you to explore and play with your silly sister and cousin.

You continue to fight and be you and we all will be right there beside you every step of the way.  You were brought to us to teach us that life is short and only to focus on today, to always be happy and be thankful for what we have.  Your smile is all we need to know that everything will be okay no matter what. To our little Nick Nick, have the happiest and brightest birthday from everyone who loves you!!!!”

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