Dr. Cathleen Lutz

The Jackson Laboratory

Dr. Cathleen Lutz is head the Mouse Models Repository at The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), and is responsible for managing all aspects of the Repository, which consists of over 1800 strains for distribution to the scientific community.

Dr. Lutz is also a Senior Research Scientist at JAX, and works to develop innovative research tools to the worldwide scientific community. In this capacity, she engineers new models and conducts research in collaboration with many partners to speed the treatment of disease. Her concerted efforts in working with foundations and specialty areas within NIH led to the establishment in 2012 of the JAX Rare and Orphan Disease Center, which develops mouse models for rare diseases and works with researchers to refine and study new models with the aim to improve translational research from the mouse to the clinic.

With a strong background in neuroscience, Dr. Lutz has recently expanded her translational interests to develop and standardize preclinical drug testing platforms for mouse models of neurological diseases.  She runs the In Vivo Pharmacology Services in Bar Harbor and works with biotech and pharmaceutical companies in preclinical efficacy testing.

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