Mason’s 3rd Birthday: Our “Mr. Incredible”


by Cathy and Steve

This was a very exciting and challenging year for Mason.  Our beautiful boy is turning 3!  He has grown so much in so many different ways.  He melts our hearts every time he smiles!

He still loves his videos and has become very good at recognizing and communicating his favorite parts by giving great big belly laughs!  He loves videos of Elmo, Charlie Brown, and the Pink Panther.

Earlier this year he was hospitalized for a few weeks with several infections: respiratory, kidney, bladder, and urinary track, which resulted in some huge setbacks.  Mason is no longer eating by mouth, strictly G-tube feed and now requires frequent characterizations due to his diagnosis of neurogenic bladder.

He is completing his final year of Early Intervention, which has been such an important part of his physical and developmental growth the past 3 years.  He has made significant progress in communication by using a tri-fold board to select images of his preferences, and using eye gaze and head motion for yes and no.  He is also much more tolerant of different positions either in sideline, on his tummy, or in his adaptive chairs.  Mason will continue with therapy and start home bound school, which will help support his health needs while providing early education.

Mason is also making more connections with familiar faces.  He will reach out his hand or foot to touch you, look toward you when you enter the room, and sustain longer eye contact with you.  He loves his family, especially his little bestie cousins.  He brings us so much joy with his sweet and funny personality.  Mason made it another impactful year and he is truly our “Mr. Incredible”.

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