Mason’s 2nd: Lighting up Every Room!


by Cathy and Steve

Mason is a sweet little boy who has an infectious smile that lights up EVERY room!  Mason was diagnosed with NGLY1 deficiency just short of one year ago.  Although he endures many challenges, he amazes us every day and his accomplishments bring joy to our hearts.

We are excited to celebrate Mason’s 2nd Birthday on February 15th!

Mason has made huge strides in therapy.  He is more attentive and curious. He is starting to learn how to communicate and express his likes and dislikes.  He loves Elmo and listing to music!  Ever since he was an infant, music has been our saving grace to sooth Mason during very difficult times.  One of his favorites right now is of course the Elmo Song!

Things have taken a turn for the better with his feeding. He has been taking in all the calories he needs to thrive and gain weight.  We haven’t put anything through his G-Tube in over a month now.  There’s no explained reason for this change but we are very grateful for it!

Mason is constantly surrounded by loving family and friends who support and stimulate his abilities.  We thank God every day for Mason.  We pray for his health and our wish for him is to one day be able to live an independent life.

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