Marc’s 16 birthday: Living in a Different World


by Gemma and Jordi

Our dear Marc,

This has been an odd year.  Covid has changed our lives and we haven’t been able to let you understand why we cannot do the things we used to do, especially those things you love.  We know you don’t understand why we can’t let you give your lovely hugs to your cousins, uncles, and grandparents… and why you cannot show your charming smile under your mask.

We would love to let you know that everything is just because we want to protect you.  Because we love you from the bottom of our heart.

This week you have been tested positive for Covid and today you turn 16.  So, you have to stay at home with your sister and your parents.  But we will do everything to make you happy because we are very proud of you… because we love you.

Gemma, Jordi and Arlet


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