Isabella’s 1st Birthday


by Kristen & Dave

Isabella has given us so much in her first year of life.She’s taught us to live in the moment and given us beautiful lessons in empathy and patience that we are so grateful for.

She has been an incredible addition to our family and she already has both sets of grandparents wrapped around her tiny little fingers. Isabella loves her blankie, her glow worm and she loves to listen to music. She’s working on rolling over and we are hoping her next step will be to crawl as we continue to work with her.

Isabella, despite all of your challenges this past year, you continue to inspire us with your incredible strength and contagious smile. You’ve given our lives a meaning we could have never fathomed prior to your existence.

We love you so much, “Izzy Bee Lion,” here’s to a lovely 1st birthday and many more to follow.

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