Making the world a better place: Ezaan’s 8th Birthday


by Ayesha and Naeem,

8 years

Woah!!! Time really flies …. I still remember the day you were born 15 Oct 2013; I was sure the entire world was lit up in light; your light. I looked into those eyes, still scanning, unable to focus yet, and I promised to teach you everything I knew. 

I had so many plans for you, darling Ezaan! So many life lessons to pass down and I couldn’t wait to get started.

But you; you had other plans.

The more I got to know you, the more I realized how little about life I actually knew, and in the end it is you who has taught us patience, unconditional love, joy, sorrow and acceptance.

You are a true inspiration. Your strength and determination are the reason that keeps us going. Everyday you show us that you are a true warrior! You are our brave little boy. You fill our life with meaning and purpose. Even on our worst days, when we feel helpless to help you through the pain and the discomfort, you still manage to love us and give us that million-dollar smile!

You love babbling and making sounds.  Though you haven’t learnt many words but we are glad that You can say” Ama” for mama and “Baa” for daddy. You grab nothing, but we are glad you push away what you don’t want. You have your own way to communicate with us. No word is spoken but Mama knows it all. Recently you have started saying” haan” means “yes”. You have started nodding on things. All these may be very little but means a world to us.

You have taught us the meaning of life. You have given us the priceless gift of perspective and we can never repay you for that.

Whenever you are in my lap, we are one and we share a very special bond and I know that I am enough. Nevertheless, daddy will always be your number one nap partner.

Me and daddy wish so many things for you baby, above all of course, health and happiness.

Happy birthday Ezaan!

Keep watching Cartoons

Keep enjoying Music 

Thank you for making our life whole.

Thank you for making the world a better place.

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