Michelle Nguyen

Stanford University

Michelle Nguyen is a Life Science Research Professional with seventeen years experience in genetics, sequencing, and microbiology. She obtained her B.S. degree in biochemistry at the University of California, Davis. She is especially adept in the areas of protocol development for quantitative genetics applications, including the construction of genome-wide yeast strain collections, and identified all of the genes that underlie quantitative differences between two yeast strains. She is also involved in the large-scale DNA shotgun sequencing of Arabidopsis thaliana, and sub-cloned the full-length Arabidopsis thaliana cDNAs. She is experienced in tissue culture techniques, such as preparing and maintaining patient and control cell lines for the NGLY1 project, and in molecular biology techniques such as DNA and RNA extraction from tissue and cells. She is also responsible for library preparation of single cell, RNA and Illumina Next Generation Sequencing. Her duties also include managing the lab, ordering reagents and lab supplies, keeping track of inventory, and supporting Postdoctoral Fellows in various project.

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