Karen Tessmer

European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Karen Tessmer is a master student of Molecular Biosciences, majoring in Neuroscience at Heidelberg University, Germany. Originally focusing on neurodegenerative protein accumulation disorders, she was introduced to NGLY1 Deficiency in 2015 while doing an internship at the Steinmetz lab at the EMBL. During that time, she helped to develop a neuronal cell line model system for NGLY1 Deficiency. Following some time at the Max-Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine in G√∂ttingen, her interest in translational research and NGLY1 brought her back to the Steinmetz lab. She will now work on the establishment and implementation of functional screens and assays to identify possible therapeutics for treatment of NGLY1 Deficiency as part of her Master’s thesis.

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