Dr. Wu Wei

Stanford University

Dr. Wu Wei has a broad background in biology, with specific training and expertise in bioinformatics, especially the analysis of whole genome sequences, transcriptome profiles, and other high-throughput data. During his Ph.D., Dr. Wei performed comparative genomics on first-generation sequencing data and also completed the computational analysis for the first project to sequence the genome of a second individual of a species (S. cerevisiae, YJM789). As a Postdoctoral researcher, he investigated pervasive transcription across the yeast genome using whole-genome tiling arrays and discovered most promoters initiate transcription in a bidirectional manner. In the second-generation sequencing technology era, Dr. Wei developed new computational approaches to quantify genome-wide transcript isoform variation and assess ribosome dynamics, which are two important molecular layers that contribute to genetic effects on phenotypic variation. His current work at Stanford aims at developing and applying cutting-edge statistical and computational approaches to investigate the genetic basis of complex phenotypes by integrating multiple layers of molecular data.

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