Dr. Tadashi Suzuki


Dr. Tadashi Suzuki received D. Sci. in 1997 (University of Tokyo). After a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stony Brook University (supervisor, Prof. William J. Lennarz), Tadashi started his independent research career in 2001 as a researcher, PRESTO (Precursory Research for Embryonic Research and Technology, Japan Science and Technology Agency). Since October 2007, Tadashi holds his current position as a Team Leader, Glycometabolome Team, Systems Glycobiology Research Group, RIKEN. Tadashi’s research interests are (1) clarification of the novel catabolic pathway for N-glycoproteins and dolichol-linked glycans; (2) characterization of functional role for the cytosolic peptide:N-glycanase (NGLY1) a key enzyme for non-lysosomal catabolic pathway for N-glycans; and (3) finding a cure for NGLY1 Deficiency. Tadashi enjoys hiking with his wife, Miki, and playing trombone (jazz music).

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