Dr. Haruhiko Fujihira


Haruhiko Fujihira is a Postdoctoral Researcher on the Glycometabolome Team, Systems Glycobiology Research Group, RIKEN. Dr. Fujihira received his Ph.D. training at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo. During his graduate study, he worked on Ebola virus and tried to reveal how glycosylation of viral surface glycoproteins affects the viral infection. In 2013, he graduated from the university and started his postdoctoral research at RIKEN. His main interest is the physiological function of de-N-glycosylating enzymes (especially NGLY1 and ENGase) in mice. With the support of the Grace Science Foundation, he is proceeding with the phenotypic analyses of systemic NGLY1-KO mice and tissue-specific NGLY1-KO mice.

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