Bringing People Together: Elora’s 3rd Birthday


By Jess and Adrian

To my darling Elora, where do I begin? How do I capture all that you are and all that you mean to us in only a few paragraphs?

It’s your third birthday today! And days like this are a reminder of how much you are loved and supported and how you bring people together.

With each year, your personality shines a little brighter and your potential grows too. As does our strength as your parents, and our understanding that joy isn’t only found when life is perfect but also found in the everyday moments…

Like the smile you give when you see Elmo, the comfort that wraps around you when music plays, or your undeniable obsession with books and how happy turning a page can make you.

Most people wouldn’t give these things a second thought, but I do. Because for parents like us, the milestones not only look different but they feel different too. Even on difficult days I am in awe of you, Elora. All that you endure physically and mentally — from therapies, to doctors appointments and equipment fittings — and all that you continue to overcome.

Not a day goes by where we don’t feel blessed to be your parents. Thank you for inspiring us, for teaching us and pushing us to be better people, but most of all thank you for letting us love you… three years and counting.


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