Birthday Poem for Saijayant’s 13th


by Revathy & Natarajan

Everyone aspires to become someone special;

Everyone strives to be one in million…


You are ‘born’ special…

One in 1.2 billion people…

One in India…

Only one in India…In all practical sense…!


We are gifted parents…

We are special parents…

We are ‘gifted and special’ not because you are gifted and special;

But because we are really gifted and special to have you with us…!

We don’t worry that you can’t walk

We are happy we can walk for you

We aren’t bothered that you can’t talk

We are happy that we can talk on your behalf

We aren’t sad you can’t think intellectually

We are happy you made us to think more intellectually


We don’t get frustrated that you can’t see properly

We are loving the opportunity to see the things clearly for you

We aren’t sad that you are dependent

We are proud to have the opportunity of serving you well

We are happy to use our healthy legs and shoulders

We are happy to see you as a child all the time

We are happy that we are perceived as young when we are beside you


We are happy to feed you, protect you, dress you up….


Everyday we explore new things

Everyday we learn new Genetics

Everyday we test our character

Everyday we get opportunity to serve you…


You are our teacher, our coach, our mentor,

The one who teaches importance of relationship

The one who coaches and hones our skills

The one who mentors us…by sowing, catalyzing, harvesting relationships


It’s you who spoon-feed us…with lessons

It’s you who make us think…through actions

It’s you who make us healthy…in physique and mind


You are our purpose…

You are our business…

You are our love…


With equanimity, you accept everything….

You are neither happy nor sad…


Your ‘birthday’ may not matter to ‘you’

Your ‘birthday’ is a ‘happy’ occasion to ‘us’…


Yes, I, Revathy and all at home want to shout and scream… And sing a song for you…

Happyyyyy Birthdayyyyyy Saijayant!!!


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